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About Anees Akhtar

M.Phil. (Microbiology) Author, Journalist, TV and Radio Communicator, Tutor and Mentor

M.Phil. (Microbiology) Author, Journalist, TV and Radio Communicator, Tutor and Mentor

Anees Akhtar has an MSc in Botany, M.Phil. Microbiology (PAK) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology (UK). He is a valued contributor working as a Neuroscience, Space Science, Cosmology and Metaphysics Researcher and is a renowned scholar, thinker, motivational speaker, and seminar leader.

He has delivered numerous seminars and workshops in universities and institutions in the UK and Pakistan. His work in Neuroscience, Metaphysics, Cosmology and Success Philosophy is widely appreciated and admired for its lucidity and clarity.

Anees Akhtar possesses an outstanding ability to transform minds for people who want to break the shackles of failure and step into the spotlight of success. People who want to emerge from sickness to good health have found his lessons fruitful and enlightening. His methods of teaching are grounded in his philosophy. They are clear, effective and easy to understand and implement.

His first gift is the ability to explain the complex knowledge of neuroscience in simple terms that anyone can understand. He connects the dots so well that any person can see how neuroscience can be used in daily life for a better and more efficient career and lifestyle.

Anees Akthar’s second gift is to identify and heal the dysfunctional mind and brain. He can help you test whether you have any problem in the mind that corresponds to the neural networks in the brain. Then, with his lessons, you can develop new capabilities and produce new brain cells that enable you to think, say and act with wisdom and power.


His third gift is to help people transform from hopeless and defeated individuals to illness-dissolving and problem-solving independent workers. His book Neurocience of Mind Empowerment is a must-read for all who believe they are capable of doing greater things in life but haven’t found a way to put things on track.

His understanding of the human mind and body is another gift that he uses to develop programs of meditation and music therapy that can be used to heal the mind, body and soul.

Anees Akhtar is a talented neuroscientist who has been invited for workshops and courses in the UK and Pakistan because of his profound work and valuable contributions. You can benefit from reading his book and arranging an appointment for a speaking session at an esteemed institute.

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"...the most impactful notion of the book: The conscious mind is plastic, meaning that it is subject to change and evolution is a very interesting topic and could be very beneficial for those seeking more insight in possibilities to help improve their lives."
Neuroscience of mind empowerment and metacognition will heal, empower, and stabilize your mind by growing new brain cells. It enhances your neurogenesis and neuroplasticity by alteration and expression of healthy genes by applications of therapies of positive psychology , music, meditation , goal setting strategies and metacognition explored in this Neurocosmic brain model

"...the authors do an admirable job of grounding their claims in proven science...the scientific explanations for the benefits of living mindfully and harmoniously made this book worth reading"
This book is the first volume of terrestrial and extraterrestrial brain exploration models. It is a great creation, innovation and award winning protocol of mind healing, metacognition and empowerment for successes and higher achievements. This theory will open the gateway of growth of writing, speaking, films, music, art, brain and space exploration industries globally.
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