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Neuroscience of Mind Empowerment

Epigenetics, Neuroplasticity, Meditation, and Music Therapy

Anees Akhtar is a renowned neuroscientist with a strong grasp on multiple knowledge areas like epigenetics, neuroplasticity, behavioral sciences, cognitive sciences, and psychology. When the knowledge from all these fields is combined, the result is a comprehensive book on neuroscience.

Anees Akthar’s book Neuroscience of Mind Empowerment​ is a unique contribution in the field of neuroscience because commonly the books published in the field are targeted towards academicians or scientists working in the laboratory. Such books contain knowledge at a higher level and expressed with jargon that the layman cannot understand. Therefore, they have no application for the common person.

This book on mind empowerment is a torch for every kind of reader who would want to take a journey inside his brain. With the knowledge torch, you can venture deep into the brain and the mind and decipher the working of the neural networks. The understanding will give you immense power to drive your thoughts, words and actions in the direction you want. It can heal your mental and physical illnesses and grant you the power to take control of destiny because all your energy from your thinking, saying and doing will be aligned.

The book enlightens the reader with the knowledge of how meditation can produce new brain cells and music therapy can heal the brain and the mind along with the body. The outcome is a new person who does not have the burden of a weak body or a defeatist attitude.

Anees Akhtar goes the next extra mile with this book helping the reader to set new goals and obejctives that can be met with rigorous performance and unyielding determination. The book is also the perfect gift for anyone you know in your family, in your office or your neighborhood, who needs to realise that they are special and capable of doing anything they put their mind to.

The majestic power of words and ideas in this book fulfil Nikola Tesla’s exultant statement:

“I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart, like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success”. Nikola Tesla.

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"...the most impactful notion of the book: The conscious mind is plastic, meaning that it is subject to change and evolution is a very interesting topic and could be very beneficial for those seeking more insight in possibilities to help improve their lives."
Neuroscience of mind empowerment and metacognition will heal, empower, and stabilize your mind by growing new brain cells. It enhances your neurogenesis and neuroplasticity by alteration and expression of healthy genes by applications of therapies of positive psychology , music, meditation , goal setting strategies and metacognition explored in this Neurocosmic brain model

"...the authors do an admirable job of grounding their claims in proven science...the scientific explanations for the benefits of living mindfully and harmoniously made this book worth reading"
This book is the first volume of terrestrial and extraterrestrial brain exploration models. It is a great creation, innovation and award winning protocol of mind healing, metacognition and empowerment for successes and higher achievements. This theory will open the gateway of growth of writing, speaking, films, music, art, brain and space exploration industries globally.
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